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God The Father Medal

The Meaning of the Consecration Medal....   “the Road Map back home”

"... He (God the Father) showed me what He desired for a medal, saying that the medal was His gift to us, that it showed His Love for His children. He described it as a road map back home to Him. He asked that the medals be blessed, saying that many miracles would come about through the Consecration and Medal. Our Father explained that the medal should be worn as an outward sign to all His children and that embracing this symbol would show His children's love for Him.”  Therefore, a special medal was designed to illustrate the process of this Consecration.

Kingdom of Our Father   by Thomas Petrisko, interview with Barbara Centilli p.259





Note: In case of question, we are promoting this devotion to God the Father simply because we have found it fruitful.   We are not affiliated with the organizations, visionaries etc. that are mentioned on this site in any way. None of the quotes we use have been condemned by the church.

The Front of the Medal

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On the front of the medal is the actual Consecration process. God our Father is seen in heaven reaching down to us on earth; man is seen on earth reaching up to God our Father in heaven. The force of God's Love for us is shown in the rays that proceed down from His hand; the force of our love for Him is pictured in our "fiat" radiating up to Him. These rays intersect through the Cross of Jesus. This Cross is the bridge or link between God our Father and His children. At one end, it is grounded in the earth through Mary, our Mother. It then proceeds up through the sanctifying power of the Holy Spirit into Heaven at the other end. Eight lights, signifying the Scripturally supported Octave, are shown on the horizontal beam of the Cross. These eight lights serve to guide us on our journey back home to God our Father.

The Back of the Medal

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The back of the medal displays the eight-stringed harp of David, as mentioned in Psalm 6.  St. Augustine understood this mystically, as symbolizing the octave€ seven days of this mortal life followed by the last resurrection and the world to come.  And that during our mortal life, like David, we must also feel sorrow for our sins and repent of them while here on earth. On this eight-stringed harp we have placed the eight themes or steps of the “Holy Octave of Consecration to God our Father” praise, thanksgiving, offering, repentance, inheritance, fiat, fidelity, and consecration. Inside the bow of the harp are printed the words: "The rhythm and harmony of God's Will." This reminds us that when we pluck the eight strings or themes of this consecration to God Our Father, a beautiful music ascends to heaven€ - we are choosing to live in the rhythm and harmony of His Will.

Kingdom of Our Father   by Thomas Petrisko, interview with Barbara Centilli p.259

New!  We are now able to print the medals from our computer with “printable shrinkable plastic” which allows a permanent image for the the first time! It will smear however if gotten wet.  (A metal medal can be to purchased (see picture below) at St. Andrews Productions , which you can attach to these either through the ring they provide or with a small safety pin through the ring and the cord where the plastic medal is attached.)

This is the medal available at 

St. Andrews Productions

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Enlarged to show detail

Medal on our Chaplets


Enlarged to show detail

Quote from God the Father from Seeing with the Eyes of the Soul Books regarding the Consecration Medal.

October 30, 1996:
“…I want a MEDAL STRUCK which will be given to each individual who consecrates himself to Me.  These medals must be blessed.  THEY WILL BESTOW MANY BLESSINGS—THROUGH ME.  MANY MIRACLES WILL COME ABOUT THROUGH THIS CONSECRATION AND MEDAL.  Cleansing and dedication — the churches and the people.  Regathering of My children, child. …”

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