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Father Consecration Chaplet

God the Father Consecration Chaplet





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Note: In case of question, we are promoting this devotion to God the Father simply because we have found it fruitful.   We are not affiliated with the organizations, visionaries etc. that are mentioned on this site in any way. None of the quotes we use have been condemned by the church.

"I recommend the daily Chaplet to you all.  For with it comes My peace, evermore." God the Father to Barbara Centilli May 26, 2000

We greatly regret that as of now we can no longer offer chaplets until we we get caught up with all the requests we already have.  Once we are able to catch up we will resume offering the chaplets free.  Please feel free to download and/or print one or more of the Chaplet prayers below.

Chaplet Prayers

Pray the Chaplet...With these 4 Versions to choose from to print or use from your PC

Again, these were created for free use and are free to distribute as is.

NEW! Chaplet in mp3 format.  Click here to listen to or download the Father Consecration Chaplet in mp3. 

Download/print the preparation for Consecration book.

Since we have received so many requests from Russia, we wanted to offer the chaplet prayers in Russian. Here is an MS Word Version and a PDF Version We recently were given a translation from a person who is Russian and we are grateful to him for this translation.

Some of the chaplets we have sent to Russia have been returned. Click here to see the list of addresses. If you find yours here please email us with your new or corrected address and we will send it out to you with our next mailing.

The Father Consecration Chaplet is a Chaplet of devotion to God Our Father.  It is used in preparation for our formal Consecration to God Our Father and is a daily offering and consecration renewal to Our Father after our formal Consecration is made to Him.  The Father told Barbara Centilli in Seeing with the eyes of the soul, that every time we pray this chaplet we bind ourselves to Him.  He also stated that we are to get the medals blessed by a priest if possible and that He would work miracles through them.  It is the means of continuous consecration to Him.  It is a simple and profound prayer, and at the heart of it is the prayer, “I love you Father and I give myself to you.”  This prayer, when prayed and meant when prayed, opens our heart to Him and allows us to perceive His love for us and “in recognizing the goodness of their one true God and Father they discover and uncover their status as true children of God”. Seeing Book, January 11, 1999
. .  And as it binds us to Him, it helps to keep us in the Rhythm and Harmony of His will, as He states in
Seeing with the eyes of the soul . I am sure anyone who prays this chaplet will begin to experience His promises to us about it.

Quotes from God the Father from Seeing with the Eyes of the Soul Books regarding the Consecration Chaplet.

February 14, 1997:
“…Say the Chaplet.  This is strong and will bring My Mercy and Tenderness—it brings Me!”

April 13, 1997:
“…Now listen, child, say your daily prayers—your conversations with Me and also the Chaplet.  Why?  Because this intensifies the bond between Myself and My children.  Through this Chaplet I can be with My children in a new way, a more intimate way.  As I say in Isaiah 24:13, these are My times which have been prophesied.  Open your mind and your heart, little one.  See Me in all My Creation and Love!  There is no other but the Lord Your God.  I am your Father and your friend—your Love.”

The Chaplet consists of the medal of the Holy Octave of Consecration to God our Father and 75 beads - 11 gold and 64 red.  The gold beads represent the Major Octaves which are our "Divine Treasure," while the red beads represent the Precious Blood of Jesus.   The Chaplet is intended to be used daily.

The medals we provide are durable with care.  They may smear over time or if exposed to moisture, so we recommend a metal one for permanence. 

 medal front

A metal medal can be to purchased at St. Andrews Productions , which you can attach to these either through the ring they provide or with a small safety pin through the ring and the cord where the plastic medal is attached.

We make 2 styles of Chaplets, one separated by knots and one without knots. Please specify in your request if you want the knotted one which can fit over your head, otherwise we will send out the standard one shown, and if you are dissatisfied just let us know and we’ll send out a knotted one.  Let us know if you want a bulk request and we’ll do our best.  The only real difference between the 2 chaplets is that the knotted ones are “traditional” style and when stretched out can to be worn comfortably around the neck. (At least that’s what we intend.)

The cost to make these is no longer “inexpensive” as it was originally but the time to make a chaplet is now the most efficient yet which allows us to make and distribute them more quickly.

Devotion to God our Father is spreading rapidly..

More and more free consecration chaplets are being requested every year from various countries all over the world. At last, devotion to God Our Father is increasing every year. Would you believe that last year over 700 free chaplets were distributed throughout the US and worldwide.  To date, and through a miracle of grace really, we have sent chaplets to: Australia, Armenia, Belarus, Bosnia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Estonia, France, Finland, Germany, Guam, Hawaii, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Israel, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Moldova, Mongolia, Newfoundland, New Zealand, Norway, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Russia, Scotland, Serbia, South Africa, Ukraine, Uzbekistan! 

It is a testimony that all the graces He is giving are being responded to by those who can become like little children and embrace Him as a Father who wants us to be united with Him and dwell in Him. 

As of now we do not have the financial means to ship them out as soon as they’re requested or made, so we will ship them out as soon as we have the means.  Sorry about the delay. More help is needed for the provisions of spreading this devotion. In this case, there’s  plenty of harvest, enough laborers to do the work but not enough money to pay for all the postage costs.  If we charge for postage... it is no longer free.

Consecration to God our Father spreads worldwide...

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Since we are now getting chaplet requests from many different countries, it is our desire to be able to distribute them in their native languages since people usually pray in their own language. Right now we only have it translated in Spanish and Russian.  We are also looking for someone who could translate into Spanish the God Our Father Consecration and Feast Day book. If you would like to assist us in translations for your language, let us know through the contact page. Thank you.

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