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Seeing With the Eyes of the Soul

God Our Father reveals Himself to us through His dialogues with Barbara Centilli.



Revelations of God Our Father to a Chosen Soul

Seeing 6V

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We created this mini E-Book before St. Andrew’s made the full volume set available in E-Book form.  It is only the first ten chapters of book 1 but gives a good idea of what the rest of the books are like.





Note: In case of question, we are promoting this devotion to God the Father simply because we have found it fruitful.   We are not affiliated with the organizations, visionaries etc. that are mentioned on this site in any way. None of the quotes we use have been condemned by the church.

The mini-site was originally dedicated to the 10th Anniversary Publishing of God the Fathers messages to Barbara Rose Centilli where He confirms His desire for Consecration to, and a Feast Day for, “God the Father of all Mankind”, so that His children will all return home to Him and thus bring to fulfillment the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart, which we all so ardently long for.

And in celebration of the annual memorial of this year’s (this was originally completed for August of 2008) proposed Feast Day.  Unknown to most people, these Revelations are in fact the origin of the format for the Consecration to God our Father and Barbara Centilli is the chosen soul who it came through. (The Father had announced to Mother Eugenia in the 1930’s His desire to be with us and closer to us than previous and as an aid to this, a Feast Day in honor of the Father of All Mankind, and unfortunately these words and desires of our Father’s remained little known.) We want to promote this work that is Our Father’s continued effort in His desire for a greater closeness with His children and to reveal His “True Image” as our Father.

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Because these words are directly from God the Father Himself, one experiences the true awesomeness of God.  As the Mystery of God wonderfully unfolds, as God the Father reveals Himself in Who He is, His deepest thoughts and desires, His plans, His active relationship with us personally... and consequentially we come away with not only a knowledge and right perspective of what He's about to allow to bring the world back under His Dominion and our decisive place in that plan but also a renewed sense of our "special-ness" that comes from a greater certainty that we are in fact His offspring; the offspring of Love.

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ALSO AVAILABLE Various other devotional books on God the Father including: The Face of the Father-- an Exclusive Interview with Barbara Rose Centilli Concerning Her Revelations and Visions of God Our Father.


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to SEEING WITH THE EYES OF THE SOUL Vol’s 1-4 Revelations of God Our Father to a Chosen Soul

This devotional work was created to help show the richness of treasures contained in God the Father’s dialogues with Barbara Centilli.

Printable Journal Style e-book                



Topics from the messages arranged by Themes

Comprehensive Index of all scripture passages given to Barbara throughout the dialogues in context with the messages




Index of Imagery and symbols contained in the messages including much that relates to the Consecration and Feast Day

New songs and prayers given to Barbara by the Father in the messages

Barbara’s Dreams and Visions Illustrated with description


This is Barbara’s illustration of the Divine Paternal Heart as it was shown to her.

DPH Drawing

The Father reveals His Divine Paternal Heart


Over a series of messages to Barbara, Our Father speaks extensively about His Divine Paternal Heart and gives many images of This Heart to convey His Love for us.  This is an animation that shows the progression of them.  (If the animation isn’t moving reload the page.)

December 30, l999: “...I have come to gather My children, all My children, to My divine paternal heart.  The knowledge of My TRUE PATERNITY has been withheld too long—clouded and obscured by omission and lies.”

July 14, 2000: “...... Dearest daughter of My heart:

I come to you today with a request that is dear to My divine paternal heart.  I look to My children for the response, so sweet.  And what is this response, little one?  It is the sweet sound of love whispered and cried out from the lips of My little ones.  And what is this sweet sound, this prayer?  “Papa, I love You!”  In these words is embodied the joining of hearts.  But how can this be, you ask?  Look to the image I have given you  [of the divine paternal heart].  This is truly the heart of Your Father.  Now place this heart before your eyes and remember it daily.  When you see and understand, you will know at last why life is so sacred.  When you destroy life, you torment Me, you offend Me, you strike out against Me—you kill the very thing that lies protected and grows in My merciful heart.  Think about this, Barbara Rose.  See why all life is sacred and blessed—it is of God your Father.  It is of Me. Long have I tried to communicate this to My children, but they fail to understand, insisting instead to fight one another and to express hate.  Often I have wondered aloud to My prophets: Why are these children so stiff necked and hard hearted?  A hard heart is dead; it no longer contains the life of your Father. ...”

October 26, 2002:  “...All will settle into peace in My Heart, little daughter. Of this I tell you, remain in My Divine Paternal Heart. Here you will be protected. For it is here that you will know yourself and the Father who made you. You are Mine regardless of your ill-directed Will, a Will bent inward upon self instead of outward toward the source that sustains it. Do you see, Barbara Rose? Without sustenance from the Source the child dies. Will you willingly choose death, my children, over life in your Father?  Choose Life; choose Me. Love Me in the here and now so that you may love Me forever.  Shalom

March 8, 2003: 

“Listen, My Child:

Empty yourself of all that bothers you. Do I not hold you in My Divine Paternal Heart? Cradle you in My hands? If this is so, why do you question or wonder? I am always with you. ...”

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The Father also revealed His Heart in a second way


This image, Kingdom of the Father, we made shows the image of the Father as He is revealing Himself through these books along with many of the various symbols that are in connection with His Consecration and Feast Day.  

In the 1930’s to M. Eugenia, He revealed Himself as a man, not an old man, with dark shoulder length hair and no facial hair (although the image associated with this devotion depicts a beard and mustache).   To Barbara, He revealed the same, but she is able to give us in addition "His brilliant blue eyes" and countless other details and symbols representing the Father and His New Kingdom so we may begin to experience it and Him in a more tangible way (note: This does not imply that a soul can no longer go to God the Father as an older Father or a Grandfather type.   He is Pure Spirit, the All in All, and His Person will never change).


Father_Collage new


This God the Father Consecration Collage includes various images that were given to us in this devotion. Top: The “Little Church” with the “Tree of Life” built into it’s structure with “8 steps” leading up to it. \ Middle Row from left to right: The Consecration Chaplet (with Standard-- white flag with the Holy Octave Medal at bottom left corner & Sun as symbol of “Father Sun” at bottom right corner), Palm Branches, God the Father’s “Kingdom” Heart, the “Symbol for the Little Church” that our Father requested, namely, the “Tree of Life” with 8 roses intertwined through it’s trunk & branches, then the “Offering Cloth (with “8” at the bottom left corner & Standard-- white flag with Blood of Jesus’ Cross in the right corner.) \ Bottom Row from left to right: Front Image of God the Father’s Holy Octave medal, The “Divine Paternal Heart showing front view unopened and final stage of opened view, and lastly, the back image of the Consecration Medal.

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