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Lay Movement




The Lay movement is the Lay section of the Sons and Daughters of the Blessed Virgin.  Many religious institutes have lay movements attached to them.  Our founder decided to have ours under the same umbrella as the religious instead of a third order.  Therefore, instead of having three separate orders, men, women and lay, there is only one.  This is unique in character, though increasingly common in other communities, and is one reason why we are a movement.


The spirituality is the same as the religious, however, the vocation is as lay people and is not lived as pseudo-religious. They consecrate themselves entirely to Our Lady and their sanctity is found in the every day moment to moment living of of their consecration in the environment of the family home. 

Their primary responsibility is being good husbands and fathers, mothers and wives; therefore, they are not to put ministry in the church above family duties and it is disheartening to see so many married people today doing just that. 

As parents are the head of their domestic church, they can not leave their place of sanctification in order to serve God, and expect to grow in union with God, which is to grow in holiness.  The vocation is where one denies himself, takes up his cross, and follows Christ.  


When one consecrates everything to Our Lady, all his actions  fulfilling his state of life and their merits are in Her hands and She will sanctify him and bring more people to Total Consecration through this.



There will be no set apostolate for each lay member, except that which is ordinary to their respective vocations.  Each member must discern with the help of his director any apostolate to which he believes he is being called.  All apostolates will have as their goal and aim the spreading of Total Consecration, yet there is no limit as to the ways in which these apostolates can be carried out, and the more the better in order to reach every soul in every walk of life.

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