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God’s Kingdom and Peace on Earth

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February 22, 1999





Note: In case of question, we are promoting this devotion to God the Father simply because we have found it fruitful.   We are not affiliated with the organizations, visionaries etc. that are mentioned on this site in any way. None of the quotes we use have been condemned by the church.

Dearest sweetest Father:

Again Your peace is settling over our home.  Thank You for all You do for us—seen and unseen.  How ungrateful we all are.  It is easy to get so caught up in our suffering that we focus only on how to stop the pain and forget that in asking for Your help and Your will in our lives, we may have peace.  And peace can and does coexist with pain on earth.  Here the two are married for a purpose.  Later, when we are finally with You in Heaven, pain and suffering will be no more.   But here we must strive to understand and embrace this strange marriage, and not run in panic from it.  For it is in meeting the pain head-on and offering it to You to be transformed that we encounter Your peace; we discover Your peace.  This is the path of peace You spoke of.   This is the path home to You.  There are many reasons for pain.   Some have to do with personal discomfort, some from compassion for others.  Some is selfless pain, some is selfish pain.  Some is self-induced, some is inflicted.   There is a choice in this, I think.  When we suffer from things beyond our control, when we do not seek out the pain but it is visited on us—and we are suffering for reasons that are selfless — that is when we have the greatest opportunity to offer this “gift” to You. And there we can have great trust and confidence that You will use it for good and transform that which needs to be transformed.  Without this ongoing experience in life, how would we be able to understand, identify, and embrace Your peace?

Peace is when we are immersed in Your will.  We are immersed in Your will when we absorb and offer our suffering to You to be transformed.  We are suffering when we come in contact with things that are outside Your divine order—when we bump into the world,  when we touch the world,  when we experience the world in its fallen state,  when we experience ourselves in our fallen state.  These things will not be transformed without the help of Your children, through Jesus, offering all back to You, our Father, to be transformed in Your  love,  mercy,  and goodness .   Now I think I understand the concept of peace better.  We are conduits of Your grace to transform the world.   I want only to do Your will. Lead me in Your way, Father.   Your  daughter  is  listening.

Each child suffers.  From this there is no real escape in your worldly existence. This is as it should be toward the greater good, a re-creation of what should be.  In this way, you participate with your Father.  Lend yourselves to this effort.  Apply yourselves to the task at hand.  So much yet remains to be done in this time leading up to the Triumph of your Mother’s Immaculate Heart—the return of My children home to their God and Father.

[I see a field bordered by stone fences.  I don’t see any people, but I hear, “Lay down your weapons before the Lord.”  I assume this is a battlefield. ] Father, what do You want me to understand?   Where are the people?   What  people?  What weapons?

Angel:  All battle belongs to the Lord, your God and Father.  All things must be within the will of your Father.  Without this, there can be no peace.  What has been shown you represents all battles, in all times.  There can be no battle without your Lord God and Father.  And no contrived peace will be lasting.  It is an illusion because it is not the peace of God.  It is nothing more than a greater force swallowing a lesser force, none of which is in the Father.  It is evil absorbing evil. And without this being done in God’s will and offered to Him to be transformed, it will contaminate and destroy its host.   You cannot overcome or extinguish evil without God.  The battlefield you see is empty but beneath it lies the bones of those who defy God: there is no battle without your Lord God and Father.   In Him all things are transformed for good.  Without Him there is no hope for that. There is only death. 

God The Father:   Remember, daughter of My heart, you cannot fight evil with evil, darkness with darkness.  Darkness can only be overcome, absorbed, and transformed in the light.  Why do My children insist on waging war in their own way with their own will?  Be reminded that this can be no more.  A time approaches when the full consequences of this will be felt—by all.  Meditate on this fact,  My children.   My will is done always and in every way.   There can be no other option.  When My will is opposed, I will lead you back each time by allowing you to experience the consequences of your actions, your choices. There is no escape from My holy and ordained will.  Come to Me, My children, rest in my Fatherly embrace and know your Lord God.  Only in this will you find comfort, refreshment, and peace.  Seek the peace of your Lord God and Father in consecrating yourselves to Me in this time.  In this you will find your way home. Here you will find everlasting life in your Father’s house.  Without this you will only find death.  Shalom, My child.  I give you My peace.