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OWN CREATION THAT THEY FALL INTO PERIL.  It distances them from Me. April 5, 1997



Genetically Modified organisms, or GMO's, are something that began around the 70's and now have taken over completely certain crops in America. Corn and Soy forinstance.  And since corn and soy are major ingredients in any highly processed food, this means that most anything you will buy at the local grocer, will be a GM product unless it is organic, since organic foods, (at this point in time anyway  although it is becoming difficult for all crops in general not be effected via cross fertilization (i.e. bees, wind blowing gm seeds nearby,) are free from GM crops.

The FDA has no sanction or regulation whatsoever on GM foods and proof of testing is ambiguous.  Why is this a concern? 

Genetically modified foods are foods that have been altered at the DNA level.  Mankind used to possess a sense of the Natural Law.  And this sense was a guide which assisted them in making good choices and avoiding danger.  It seems to me that people have been indoctrinated with an unholy fear of scientific advancements as if they must be right and know what they are doing since they are scientists, they are experts, and those who challenge them now are persecuted and some have even lost their jobs thanks to Monsanto, but freedom has always had a cost... now it's just much, much higher.  Father said once to Barbara Centilli, "Soon, you will no longer be able to LIVE without Me."  And GM foods, are a part of the fulfillment of that prophecy.  Since God wills to save His children, and He has the power alone to do so, He will provide that we can all eat safely until perhaps He will miraculously sustain us until we may grow our own food again.   But for now....

One reason, at least on the surface, for instance, that Scientists are re-creating human food is to resist bugs eating them so they have an immunity and the cost of maintenance is lowered.  But when bugs won't even eat them, how much less should we, needing more than bugs do to be sustained... bugs show us that these foods are losing their food properties, they recognize that it is no longer the food which they eat.  Dr. Mercola has a lot of informative facts on human health.  He points out various reasons why GM's are harmful to human consumption. As these foods may appear more attractive to the eye, they are "fake" foods.  Imitations, actually poisoned.  The lie is that their value has increased, but in fact, the human body cannot sufficiently break down and assimilate genetically altered food.  How do we define a particular food, why is a tomato a tomato, because that is what it is by its DNA, so when it's DNA is altered, is it still a tomato?  Why would God create food for us that was incomplete or insufficient?  To judge that we can improve on what God has created or do a better job without His help is proper to satan because not even man could originate such a thought on his own. Satan, of course knowing this is diabolical and an attempt to destroy God's creation and imprint, seduces man and deceives the better lot. GM foods are deceptively, deadly.  The effects are real.  Among many things, Dr. Mercola states on his website that 90 percent of Americans have digestive problems. I suspect that GM foods are damaging human organs, altering the digestive tract and weakening the immune system.... in addition to causing cancers etc....

For a more explicit explanation of harmful effects, here is a great article 


In Light of all this information, it is highly probable that the increasing amount of what many people (not all mind you) experience as "food allergies"  are merely an intolerance to increased dosages of GMO's, growth hormones and pesticides... and even unripe food.  And as the body's organs break down from poisons and non-consumable "food", the body will eventually find it difficult to digest any and all foods.  So, it needs time to heal, and with proper treatment, God made our bodies to re-generate. Given the means to do so, It will respond and recover.  And many people, once they switch to organic or Non-GM foods, experience that even a lifetime of digestive problems... are just instantly gone!  Organic foods, or rather, foods left alone to grow the way God intended, taste awesome!, and our bodies can fully utilize all the contained nutritional properties so we can eat less and you will actually lose weight without even trying and gain sustainable energy and emotional supprt and restorative health from eating as God intended.  While it is pathetic that man has "progressed" us right out of our God-given rights to food, right under our noses, in deception, to the degree that we are blindly destroying ourselves, and paying providers for it... it is a great comfort that it is finally being exposed and it shows that ultimately all things are returning back to their Source and to dependency on God.

Desperation looms on the horizon for My lost, Prodigal Children.  It is closer than you think. Man usurps the Power of God.  No man shall be allowed to wield this Power - without severe consequences.  The Fruits of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil are being thrust upon you—and My children rally round in excitement…only to see with horror what they have done.  You were right in your instincts, Barbara Rose.  The knowledge of Man without God will destroy My children.  Be at peace.  All is well.  Sleep in My Love, Mercy, and Hope.  March 3, 1997

I AM THE ONE TRUE GOD—there is no other.  Know this—teach this.  I come now to gather ALL My little ones to Myself.  Prepare yourselves.  The day comes soon when you can no longer LIVE without Me.  This is My Law.  This is the Truth.  This is the Way—THE ONLY WAY. August 7, 1997


BUT THERE IS GREAT HOPE!!!  Not only can we return to God created foods... organic... or Trader Joe's, the only store that guarantees they carry no GM foods in their store (and they are very reasonably priced!)... But, because Father says above in relation to this very thing that "... All is well", it means, He is ultimately in control.   He has a plan.  The scriptures promise that those that belong to God can eat poison and be protected... but now, God seems to be allowing us to experience the consequences of evil in our world.

It can only mean that He is desiring our total dependency on Him.  And that He will provide.

Here are some practical examples.


But first, if you try any "new" food or super-food, make sure you test it out first in very, very small doses.  Then examine how your body responds and increase in increments.  Not everyone's body reacts the same.  Quinoa, for instance, advertised as a Grain, everywhere, is actually a Seed.  So, if you have diverticulitis, it will become blocked in your intestines, causing severe abdominal damage.  And too, there is a natural repellent on it called saponin that must be removed before consumption as it too is food poisoning to the body.  Tons of people have very bad reaction to Quinoa, while many others have none whatsoever. And Spirulina gives a lot of people diarreah as it is a powerful detox agent.  So, be careful when you test out new stuff.


Superfoods such as Moringa, Maca, Spirulina etc.  are often plants, but not limited to, that contain a "super or exceedingly large amounts" of nutrition.  So, one can mix a few tablespoons of ground powder in a shake or yogurt and receive the nutrition equivalent to haven eaten several organic fruits, veggies and glasses of milk etc...  It's true!  And it is one of the wonderful remedies that God kept in store for us in these times.


Moringa, has antibacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal, antidepressant and anti-inflammatory  properties... making it the ideal food to begin with for bodily restoration.  And some superfoods, like Maca, "increases energy, endurance, oxygen in the blood, physical strength and neurotransmitter production. It supports the endocrine system, the adrenals, and the thyroid, typically improves one’s mood, and helps support healthy hormone production."  Now tell me that isn't the providence of God who knew the degree that man would degenerate to in these times?

Nuts.com has these at an excellent quality and at an affordable price.  A sample bag of maca and spirulina are available for purchase too.

I don't have time to go into spirulina... but Dr. Mercola has a lot to say on this too... he goes so far to say that it is the best one and lists a host of it's amazing properties... i.e. "used for diminishing the damaging radiation effects of the 1986 Chernobyl disaster."

Maca Powder:  "By sprinkling a few teaspoons of this powder over food or stirring it into juice, smoothies or yogurt, you can prepare a concoction with a powerful dose of calcium, iron, magnesium, selenium and seven essential amino acids. And beyond its noticeable effects on energy and endurance, a daily maca supplement regimen can promote better endocrine system health and may relieve ulcers, mild depression and menopause symptoms."


So, while evil is present to harm us, God has already provided a means to counteract these effects to such a degree that if one has been ruined eating them for a life-time, one may recover relatively quickly.

Some of these "super-foods" as they are appropriately named, even have properties that detox the body from radiation poisoning.  Spirulina for example.  Children victims were given it who were exposed to a nuclear disaster nearby and had a high recovery rate.


Probiotics and fermented foods, organic Kefir for instance, supply the body with beneficial and essential bacteria creating a bacterial balance we need for optimal digestion and utilization of foods as well as a strong immune system


This is dairy, but Water Kefir is available to brew one's own infinitely (not overly complicated) for less than ten dollars. We recommend "Keysands" at Amazon.com. We have heard that "almost all of the bacteria that colonize your digestive tract come from your mother in the very early stages of life, and that they do not change throughout your life to much extent and the purpose of kefir and probiotics is to help the good bacteria that are already colonized in your digestive tract stay strong. It is common for the benefits of taking probiotics to fade gradually once you stop."


Anti-oxidents:  Turkish figs having the highest amount, and honestly, Nuts.coms are the most effective I've come across.  Any thing else I try doesn't act the same for me.


The antioxidant boost provided by fruit consumption lasts about 2 hours. Which dried fruits are the best? Of the six fruits tested--apricots, cranberries, dates, figs, raisins and plums--shooting to a surprise finish at number one was... figs! Even the high fructose corn syrup in the soda is no match for the antioxidant power of fruit. Despite the double sugar load, subjects washing down their figs with soda still experienced an overall rise in antioxidant levels in their bloodstream. In addition to having the highest antioxidant content among the six fruits tested, of the thousands of whole foods in the USDA nutrient database, figs make the top ten for fiber content.


Father repeatedly says how He is here to protect us and provide.  He does not emphasize or give us a plan to save ourselves materially, stored foods, agrarian life etc... but rather spiritually... and He will provide.  When we pray for wisdom and seek to do His Will, He will guide us, so there's no cause for panic or worry.  Suffering, after all, is redemptive... But at this point, God knows it is too much now.  God is Coming not just to save us spiritually, but bodily as well.  There is a diabolical pursuit on the human soul, but God's Intervention will actually save mankind from evil's plan to destroy man bodily as well in a world that will become uninhabitable.  One could be utterly terrified without this knowledge that God has a Plan to save His People, and seeing with the eyes of the soul, His Coming is necessary, and the fire prophesied at Akita, not coincidentally the only thing that can destroy GM crops and probably many other things that are detrimental to sustainable life on earth, are goods, in God's eyes... goods that are meant to save His innocent children, not destroy.  The remnant has much to be excited for!  It will be like being transported into the Garden of Eden to live there!  No man has ever imagined to wish for such a thing! and yet, we will have it.  This time before His Coming is the time where the angels of God are sealing His children.

"Punishment is a strong word for what takes place now in your life times.  But it must be for the sake of the whole world.  Be purged, My children, of that which makes you sick—sickened to death, mortal and spiritual.  For these vices will be washed away in the maelstrom of the deep, deep darkness which in its chaos will be sucked down to the lowest depths of hell.

The Path of Peace lies ahead of you, clear and bright and open.  The doors to this peace have been flung open wide; you have yet to step upon this path, the stones that line the way.  And do not fear, little ones.  All is fulfilled in My Time and  My  Good." 

Mt 11:17—”But where unto shall I esteem this generation to be like?  It is like to It is like to sitting in the market place, Who crying to their companions say: We have piped to you, and you have not danced :  we have lamented, and you have not mourned.”

Jn 14--” Let not your hearts be troubled.  You believe in God, believe also in me.  In my Father’s house there are many mansions.  If not, I would have told you:  because I go to prepare a place for you.  And if I shall go, and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and will take you to myself; that where I am, you also may be.”

I see our Father on the Throne in the room again—and He says, “Temporary. ” March 25, 2003

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