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 Father of All Mankind

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Very recently, more and more Catholic faithful have reported messages from Our Heavenly Father, and no doubt some of them are authentic.  He is now beginning to give messages Himself.  And, in many of them, not only is He announcing His will for His children in these times, but He is intentionally trying to establish a personal relationship with us by revealing Himself to us in a way and with a tenderness that we have never understood.





Note: In case of question, we are promoting this devotion to God the Father simply because we have found it fruitful.   We are not affiliated with the organizations, visionaries etc. that are mentioned on this site in any way. None of the quotes we use have been condemned by the church.

Why is this happening now?  It has been suggested that the promised, and now imminent, Triumph of the Immaculate Heart and the Era of Peace is in fact the answer to or the culmination of the prayer Jesus gave us, the “Our Father,” that He asked us to say and that we have said imploring the Father in His Son's name for 2000 years now: "Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven."  




This means Our Lady is leading us, and in fact we are entering, into a time of grace in which it will be possible to know and have God to a capacity that man has never known before, and to give our fiat to a depth we have not known as well. The Consecration and Feast Day to God Our Father are means towards this, and prepare us for it.  And even though the fulfillment of this is the Era of Peace, He desires us to begin receiving the benefits and reaping the first fruits of this now.

Australian born best selling Author Matthew Kelly who began to receive life-changing messages from God the Father shows us the essential necessity of our inborn need for a close relationship with God our Father--

“If I would describe God the Father from how I know Him through the messages and through the prayer, I would say He’s very gentle. He’s very gentle, but very, very firm. And this gentleness and this firmness creates a trust. And this gentleness and this firmness and this trust creates a self-assurance in each of His children. This trust and self assurance are the two things that lead to happiness. Yet, the very things that we will kill in society-- trust, self-assurance-- are the most basic Christian principles. If someone cannot trust someone, if someone doesn’t understand the value of themselves, someone cannot be a Christian. yet, we are forever killing peoples trust. We are forever killing peoples self-assurance.”      

The Kingdom of Our Father by Dr. Thomas W. Petrisko

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    God The Father asks for a Feast Day...

When God our Father wanted to make it known that He would like a Feast Day as a means for us to come closer to Him, He chose to reveal it to one of His consecrated virgins and relevantly, only in this last century. The Father Speaks to His Children is a book recording the apparitions, visions and messages to Mother Eugenia, an Italian nun,  in which the Father tells us of the relationship He wants to have with us and corrects the idea of Him that most people have come to have of a severe judge. Her apparitions of the Father and revelations that ensued, beginning in 1932, were officially investigated beginning in 1934 and approved by her bishop ten years later. The Father first asked for a feast day in His honor through these messages. Casa Pater is the official publishers of this book and they have distributors world wide. They offer the book free of charge in many different languages. We have found English and Spanish copies online and so we are able to offer these.  If you would like to view them or print your own copy, select one of the following:  

 FREE! The Father Speaks to His Children english PDF (in MS Word.) 

 FREE! The Father Speaks to His Children spanish PDF (in MS Word.)

We will offer other translations if and when they are made available.

Here are some excerpts from those visitations ... pp.28-33

               “...If you love Me and call Me by the sweet name of Father, You will begin to live, here and now, in the love and the trust which will make you happy in eternity and which you will sing in heaven in the company of the elect. Is this not a foretaste of the happiness of heaven, which will last forever?...

            I therefore desire man to remember often that I am right there, where he is, that he could not live if I were not with him, living just as he is. In spite of his unbelief, I always remain close to him....

            I know your needs, your desires and everything in your hearts, but how happy and grateful I would be if I saw you coming to Me and confiding in Me your needs, like a son who has total trust in his father. How could I refuse you the smallest or biggest thing if you asked Me? Even if you do not see Me, do you not feel Me very close to you in the things that happen to you and around you? How you will be rewarded, one day, for having believed in Me, even without having seen Me!

            I want men to be able to know Me and to feel that I am close to each one of them. Remember, o men, that I wish to be the hope of humanity. Am I not already? Man would be lost if I were not his hope. But it is necessary for Me to be recognized as such, so that peace, confidence and love may enter men's hearts and put them in contact with their Father in heaven and on earth!

            Do not think of Me as frightening old man whom men depict in their pictures and books! No, no I am neither younger nor older than my Son and My Holy Spirit.

Because of this I would like everybody, from the youngest to the oldest, to call Me by the familiar name of Father and Friend. For I am always with you, I am making Myself similar to you so as to make you similar to Me. How great would be My joy to see parents teaching their children to address Me often by the name of Father, as indeed I am! How I would like to see infused into these young souls a trust and a filial love for Me! I have done everything for you; will you not do this for Me?

            I would like to make My home in every family, as in My domain, so that all can say with absolute assurance: "We have a Father who is infinitely good, infinitely rich and greatly merciful. He thinks about us and is close to us. He looks after us, supports us, He will give us everything we need if we ask Him. All his riches are ours, we will have everything we need. "I am there precisely in order that you should ask Me for what you need. "Ask and you will receive." In my fatherly goodness I will give you everything, provided that all regard Me as a true Father, living among His Family, as I indeed do.

            I also desire that every family prominently display the picture I will later show to My "little daughter". I wish every family to be able to place itself under My special protection in this way, so that they can honor Me more easily. There, everyday, the family will share with Me its needs, its work, its sorrows, its sufferings, its desires, and also its joys, because a Father must know everything that concerns His children. I do know it, of course, because I am there, but I love simplicity. I know how to adapt Myself to your condition. I make Myself little with the little ones, I make Myself an adult with adults, and the same with the elderly, so that all may comprehend what I wish to tell them for their sanctification and My glory.

            Do you not have the proof of what I am saying in My Son, Who made Himself small and weak like you? Do you not still have it now, seeing Me talking to you here? And have I not chosen a poor creature, like you yourselves, so that I can talk to you and make you understand what I wish to tell you? And now am I not making Myself like you.

            See, I have laid My crown .at my Feet and held the world to My Heart. I have left My glory in heaven and come here, becoming all things to all men, becoming poor with the poor and rich with the rich. I want to protect the young people as a tender Father. There is so much evil in the world! These poor, inexperienced souls are letting themselves be seduced by the attraction of vice which, little by little, leads to total ruin. You who especially need someone to take care of you in life, so that you can avoid evil, come to Me! I am the Father who loves you more than any other creature will ever be able to do! Take refuge close, very close to Me, confide in Me your thoughts and your desires. I will love you tenderly. I will give you graces for the present and bless your future. You can be sure I will not forget you after fifteen or twenty-five or thirty years, having created you. Come! I see that you greatly need a sweet and infinitely good Father like Me....”

It is said that the location of the original painting that M. Eugenia had commissioned as the Father requested can not be confirmed; the only remnant being the poor quality image on the cover of the booklet (above) that contains the messages.  The image at right is a colorized original.  It was His desire that we have a tangible sign of His invisible presence to show that He is really present to us (p.35 #3).   The Father's blessing is on the image.


More Excerpts from the Father Speaks to His Children... pp.52-55

“...If men could penetrate the Heart of Jesus in all Its desires and Its glory, they would realize that Its most ardent desire is to glorify the Father, the One Who sent Him, and most of all, not to let His glory be diminished as it has been until now. He desires the complete glory that men can and must give Me, as their Father and Maker, and still more as the Author of their Redemption!

            I am asking of man what he is able to give Me: his confidence, his love and his gratitude. It is not because I need My creature and his adoration that I desire to be known, honoured and loved; the only reason why I am stooping down to him is to save him and give him a share in My glory. ...

            With regard to the means of honouring Me as I desire, all I ask of you is great confidence. Do not think I want austerities or mortification; I do not want you to walk barefoot or to lay your faces in the dust, or to cover yourselves with ashes. No, no! My dearest wish is that you behave as My children, simply and trusting in Me!

            With you I will become everything for everyone, the most tender and loving Father. I will be on intimate terms with you, giving Myself to you all, making Myself small so as to make you great for eternity.

            Most of the unbelievers, the impious and various communities remain in their iniquity and unbelief because they think that I am asking the impossible of them, that they have to submit to My commands like slaves of a tyrannical lord, whose power and pride keep him distant from his subjects, to oblige them to show Him respect and devotion. No, no, My children! I know how to make Myself small, far smaller than you can imagine.

            However, what I do require is the faithful observance of the commandments I gave the Church, so that you will be rational creatures and will not be like animals because of your lack of discipline and your evil inclinations, so that you will preserve the treasure which is the soul I gave you, clothed in the fullness of its divine beauty!

            Then, according to My desire, do what I have already instructed you to do: honour Me with a special devotion. May this make you know My will to give you many benefits and to let you share in large measure in My power and My glory, simply in order to make you happy and save you, and to show My sole desire: to love you and be loved in return by you.

            If you love Me as faithful children, you will also have loving and obedient respect for My Church and My representatives. Not a respect such as you show now, which keeps you distant from Me because you are afraid of Me. This false respect that you have now is an injustice to justice, it is a wound you cause to the most sensitive part of My heart; you are forgetting, scorning, My fatherly love for you.

            What most grieved Me about My people, Israel, and what most afflicts Me still about present-day humanity, is this ill-conceived respect you have of Me. Man's enemy has, in fact, used it to lead him to fall into idolatry and schisms. He is still using it and will continue to use it against you to keep you distant from the truth, from My Church and from Me. Oh, do not allow yourselves to be led any longer by the enemy; believe in the truth that is being revealed to you and walk in the light of this truth.

            You, My children, who are outside the Catholic Church, should realize that you are not excluded from My fatherly love. I am making this tender appeal to you because you too are My children. If you have lived up to now in the devil's snares, acknowledge that he has cheated you. Come to Me, your Father, and I will receive you with joy and love!

            And you, who only know the religion in which you have grown up, and that religion is not the true one, open your eyes. Here is your Father, He Who created you and Who wants to save you. I come to you to bring you the truth and salvation. I can see that you do not know Me and do not realize that all I want is for you to know Me as your Father, Creator and Saviour. It is because of this ignorance that you cannot love Me. Understand, therefore, that I am not as far from you as you think.

            How could I leave you alone after having created you and adopted you through My love? I follow you everywhere, I protect you always, so that everything may become a confirmation of My great liberality towards you, in spite of your forgetfulness about My infinite goodness. This forgetfulness makes you say: "Nature provides us with everything, it makes us live and die." This is the time of grace and light. Recognize, then, that I am the only true God!...”

Our Father spoke 45 pages like this to us filled with love and truth, from the Tree of Life! 

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Unfortunately, Our Father’s desire and interests were not carried out to the capacity that He desired. Even today, 80 years later, this unprecedented apparition of His coming is scarcely known, even though it has carried approval status, and consequently the Father remains unknown and largely misunderstood by those who know Him. And since His concern is a grave one, as He stated in recent messages that too many of His children now are being lost to Him in the world’s present state and He is like a Father tormented with holy love to save each and every one as they are infinitely precious to Him, more so than the most loving and good mother with her only newborn, He returns.

A New Phase...

Beginning in 1996 Barbara Centilli, an American woman, began to record conversations which she was experiencing with God our Father.  In these messages He again picked up the topic of having a feast day in honor of the Father of All Mankind.  And this time it included Consecration to Him as well.  These are now inseparable.  A Consecration Chaplet, requested by our Father is a big part of this formal Consecration and daily renewal.  But these aren’t merely new rituals or burdens we “have” to do... they’re means so we can experience personally the consolations and treasures of being “in” relationship with our loving Father.  He wants to not only be with us but dwell in us.  He encourages us that we need not fear or feel like we need to be perfect first but rather that the consecration to Him is what perfects us.  “I want My children to come to Me in whatever manner they must.  This is imperative in these times.  There is no other way.” 


A couple of books that help to understand these times and the the new times, the Kingdom of the Father and the Era of Peace.  Click on the image of the book to take you to St. Andrews Publications to buy the book. (a fuller explanation can be found on the Consecration and Feast Day page)


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